Challenging myself

MusingsOk, I try something new. Beginning tomorrow, I challenge myself to put a daily post on my blog, that should have no less than 500 words and might contain anything RPG related I just want to get out of my system, ideally with my homebrew in mind, though it may also be generic stuff that I’ll have to adapt to the setting later on. I do have some ideas I want to tackle and a lot of them involve stealing ideas from others and making them my own. There are quite some blogs out there with a steady output of awesome ideas to peruse, I still have a lot of material to read which might also inspire me to put my own spin to it. In the end. this experiment serves first and foremost to force me to develop a steady writing routine; if you think about it, doing this on a day-by-day basis would mean that in 3 years‘ time, I would have reached the word count of the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not that I’d think this far, but at least for me, this thought makes the idea of writing any kind of book (or at least a roleplaying adventure) much more realistic.

So, what ideas am I talking about? For example, I might flex my creative muscles and try to come up with some wondrous items. I’d try to limit myself and follow the rules set by Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest (and as this would only mean 200 words per entry, I might extend my post by additional ideas around that item). I might do the same with other parts of said contest just to challenge myself.

I also think about going through diverse Bestiaries, thinking about adventure hooks for different monsters or just about how to integrate them into my homebrew. Taking a map and creating new ideas for the use of that map. Musing about what to do with a 3pp class, and archetype or whatever comes to my mind. Converting stuff (especially adventures) to other settings I like to run or play in, multi-part “Wormy reads…” posts. And naturally there’s still the stuff I announced I would tackle with this blog and that I somehow never go through with actually doing. Reviews, posts about my homebrew, going through the old Dragon magazines and so on.

In the end, it’s more about that I write, not what I write. Direction might come later, but if I never start writing, I don’t need that direction anyways. And you know what, my blog’s not called “Wormy’s Worlds (plural!) for no reason. So I might even start to write about other worlds I live in (musics, comics, politics). The topics are all there, So the only one that holds me back from doing something with them is myself.

And you know what? From what my office program tells me, now I’ve just written around 500 words to get this from my chest. Wasn’t even very hard to get it done. I’m really good talking about the things I want to do (instead of just doing them) after all.

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