Staring at Monsters – The Alp (2)

Ok, here are two ideas how to use Alps as the centerstone of an adventure:

When the metropolis of Immarion was settled by the humans that had survived the end of Veldenia, they couldn’t know that this would awake the vengeful ghosts of a past war. Only when a sudden outbreak of a strange illness befalls several members of the small human community, old ship’s doctor Haydriff suspects that there is more behind it and contacts a group of adventurers to find a cure for that illness.

Comments: I hinted at that in my last post, but the idea is the elven metropolis suffered vast destruction in the last war between elves and humans. A lot of Immarion’s inhabitants suffered a grueling fate and some of them became Alps. Now, when their ancient home is suddenly inhabited by their old enemy, they seek revenge. I could imagine one of the still living elves being the mastermind behind that attack, because he can’t stand the thought of his old home being desecrated by human presence

The little town of Yonder is threatened by a hunger crisis when the farmers around that town report, that their cows have stopped giving milk and smaller livestock is found crushed to dead on the meadows, without any obvious hints why this would happen. Investigations show that there’s only one farmer whose cattle is totally unaffected by those events, and it doesn’t take the other residents of that area long to suspect him of being the culprit behind that catastrophe. Fearing for his life, farmer Padley asks a group of adventurers to protect his life and to find out who or what’s the real villain behind these events.

Comments: For this idea, I imagine that this adventure starts at a time when the humans have returned to their old home continent. No one knows that Yonder lies where once a human city stood that fell prey to the devastation of the Cataclysm and became a mass grave for its inhabitants. Here I think I could easily use the shape-shifting aspect of the Alps, and to solve the riddle, the PCs might have to find out where those Alps came from and put their poor souls to rest to save the still living. Oh yeah, and why is the farm of Old Padley the only one not to be affected by the curse?

Word Count: 396

per/day: 340 (well, this needs to get better ^^)

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